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I’ve always said that one day I’ll leave Utah. Move somewhere new, and grow in a new way of life. But, when you live in a place that’s this beautiful, it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else. 

I used to hate the mountains. Well, being in them at least. Mountains used to mean dirt, smelly fires, and bugs. But after dating a total red neck for nearly 3 years (ok, he’s not a red neck, but he’s definitely a cowboy!) I’ve grown to love them. Even when they aren’t covered in snow! (To me, the world is prettier draped in white)

I love that shooting has been an aspect that brings me closer to nature. And closer to nature means closer to his heart. <3 Chase is always excited for shoots in the canyons, they are his favorite. He’ll start wandering around and eventually I start to worry that I won’t be able to find him! Hahaa 

It’s crazy how one person can change you. I know I changed Chase a lot when we first started dating. (a lot of people weren’t thrilled with it) He got a new hair cut, new shoes, new clothes, a new car…. But, he has eaqually changed me. For instance, I listen to country music now, (I even sing the words!) I enjoy spending time outdoors, and I’m not afraid of a lot of things that I used to be. I know that’s because of Chase. He’s been my personal guardian angel since the day we met. I can’t picture my life without him. Every time I think back to something, it seems as though he’s always been there. 

Thanks for loving me Marky Mark. I’m the happiest in the world because of you. I LAVA you. xx| yur bb volcano 

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