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S T R O L L < 3


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Since Chase and I got engaged, we’ve both been in a work out funk. I have to go on a walk or hit the gym everyday as of late or I don’t feel productive! This is very unusual for me!

This morning while I was out walking our dog Tuesday, we got attacked /: This larger dog came out of no where and started going at Tuesday! It took me a second to pick her up because they were running around me so quickly! 

Once I had Tuesday, the dog came after me! He tried to bite me a few times, but he only got me once on the foot. (Thankfully) 

The madness stopped within seconds when this cute lil lady rode up on her bike to save the day! The dog fled, and Tues and I were saved! 

The dog got Tues good in a few spots.. she was bleeding a bit. But she’s ok now (: she’s one tough cookie! <3 

People always say it’s safer to walk with someone than by yourself. And now I’m fully agreeing. Chase is going to have to come on all of our strolls now (: sowwy honey! (; 

I’m so so glad that she’s ok.. I’m attached to Tuesday! I don’t know what I’d do if anything would of happened to her ): I’m feeling blessed and watched over today. <3



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